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 Jack Tsai : (949) 463-8821



Expression of excellence: Other breeders boast about having our dogs in their bloodlines.

We are German Shepherd dog breeders in Orange County, California.  We are located in Yorba Linda, California.   



Our dogs are imported from Germany and all are World Class/ VA, V titled dogs that most people boast about having in their bloodlines. At Wa-Bo Shepherds, we strive to produce World Class Show line German Shepherd with high working drive and social temperaments. We also have sometimes available high quality trained dogs from the best kennels in Germany.


We always treat our dogs like family members first. They live in the household with us and receive individual attention from the family- kids and adults alike. We believe that the dogs need to be an integral unit of the family first and then show dogs / schutzhund dogs afterwards. 

Thank you for visiting our German Shepherd dogs for sale German Shepherd puppies for sale!

We hope you enjoy your visit at our site !!  Make sure to call or e-mail us when you want to talk about one of our wonderful Wa-Bo members.

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