We have some of the best females in the whole world. These females have shown and proven themselves against the toughest competition worldwide and are now coming to the United States to enrich the gene pool in this country. We would like to urge you to take a look and come meet the best Germany has to offer.

BSZS V3,VA2 USA Grace vom Frankengold

HD-ED a1 normal, IPO3, 


V2 USA , Stella Von Wa-Bo

HD a1 normal, ED Noch Zugelassen

V Jette vom Kuckucksland

HD-ED A1 Normal, IPO2

Johanna Stand.jpg
Gemma Stand.JPG

V Gemma von Ozturk

HD-ED a1 Normal, IPO3


V Nala du Val d'Anzin

HD-ED fast normal, normal, IGP2

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