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German Shepherd Stud Service

Wa-Bo German shepherds provides some of the best stud males in the country.  Our stud fee is $1500.  Pls, call us to make appointment for your next breeding need.

German Shepherd Stud Service


Female dogs tend to become impatient during their heat cycle. This becomes a challenging situation for dog owners. Hence, trustworthy stud services become imperative after regular intervals. Your female dog is undoubtedly precious to you. Also, you are looking forward to having some healthy and bright puppies belonging to the apex breed. We understand such needs. So, we work as a team to provide you with the best German Shepherd stud service in the country. 

We have traveled across Germany to provide you with the purest German Shepherd breed. Our assortment of these versatile dogs is entirely ecstatic. Our smart and talented dogs can be the best match available for your female dog in the entire country. 

Get The Purest Hybrid Through Our Finest Stud Services!

These days, it has become arduous to come across a reliable breeder with certified and healthy German Shepherds. Furthermore, there are very few breeders dealing in the pure kind of German Shepherds. We, at Von Wa-Bo, are committed to serving the dog-lovers of the United States. Hence, we provide impeccable services ranging from the adoption of German Shepherd puppies to well-managed stud services. 

If you have adopted a female dog, it is recommended that you seek reliable stud services well-in-time before she reaches her heat cycle. Finding the right breeder is a challenging task. However, once you consult us, we assure you complete satisfaction and remarkable German shepherd stud service. Visit our store to see for yourself our bold and flawless squad of male German Shepherds. 

Why Are Our Dogs The Best Studs In The Country?

It is natural to have multiple concerns while you look for the right mating partner for your female dog. It is only sensible to breed your dog with the best stud-male. We are a proud home to some of the best and most authentic breeds of German shepherd stud. We have set up a detailed and friendly breeding program for the purest breed of the dogs. 

Our dogs belong to the top-most kind and have several startling features that make them one of the best choices to breed your dogs with.  So, if you are looking for the right mate for your dog, consider our sharp-minded and full of life German shepherds.  Here are the few alluring qualities of our males that will provide you with bright and adorable puppies, satisfying your dogs’ needs. 

  • In Best Health Condition

Our dogs’ health will significantly impact the health of the puppies. Any deformity or disease can pass on to the puppies. We know this can be a major inconvenience to you or anyone who has to look after them. Thus, we ensure that we pass out the best qualities of our valued German shepherds to your prospective dogs. 

From impeccable mobility to proper heart functioning, we take every health aspect into consideration before qualifying a dog for a stud male. So, when you visit our store, you will meet full-sized furry friends with mighty strength. Your female dog will give birth to healthy and fit puppies when they mate with our immaculately grown dogs. 

  • Pure Kind

We take pride in our original assortment of German Shepherds. We have brought these dogs right from Germany to ensure that they naturally possess all the typical properties. From immense bravery to a sharp mind, all distinctive qualities can be observed in your puppies once you mate your female dog with our perfect German Shepherd males. 

If your bitch belongs to the pure breed of German Shepherds, it is natural for you to seek for an authentic stud male German Shepherd. We ensure that you achieve 100% satisfaction in this arena. Our flawless German Shepherds make for some of the best mating partners. Get in touch with us now to know more about their ancestry. 

  • Active And Energetic

Our dogs are widely known for their agility. Their inherent characteristics have been enhanced by our thorough training techniques to offer you, stud males, with impressive skill and swiftness. Our dogs are far from being lazy and clumsy. So, when your dog mates with our enthralling males with an excellent temperament, you will be mesmerized by the features inherited by your puppies.

Every remarkable quality is easily noticeable in all the puppies of our previous parties that opted for our German shepherd stud service. The enriched demeanor of our dogs, combined with their motivated personality, has provided us with a 100% satisfaction from our customers. 

  • Fertile 

Regular inspection of every health factor is one of our fundamental amenities. After our elegant male studs reach the age of seven months, we start ensuring that they are completely fertile. This ensures that the breeding session with your female dog proves to be utterly useful. In the rare occasion where the breeding does not result in fertilization, we take complete responsibility and provide your dog with another mating session under no additional charges. 

Our in-house vet ensures that our dogs are generative and masculine. We ensure that we only mate your dogs with our dogs that have reached complete sexual maturity and give you the expected results. 

  • Hygienic

While taking care of our dogs, we ensure that no compromises are made with the cleanliness of the environment they reside in. This prevents any unwanted germ infection that can be spread from dog to dog. We ensure that your dog remains disease-free and healthy after they mate with our male-studs. Proper showering, brushing, and grinding of nails are some of the basic grooming aspects that we never let sliding into oversight.

You can visit our store and interact with our well-groomed male-studs who will not only lure your female dogs but will also gift you with some healthy german shepherd puppies. 

  • Striking Appearance

It is needless to say German shepherds are touted as one of the most handsome and versatile breeds in the dog-kind. So, if you want your female dog to give birth to ravishing-looking puppies, consult our store now. We have some of the most elite categories of German Shepherds. Their heavy hair coat and the perfect mix of colors make them look nothing but appealing. To know more about the looks and grace of our flawlessly curved German Shepherds, visit our store today!

  • Heavy Bones

Heavy bones are a sign of a fit and healthy German Shepherd. If you wish to have puppies that grow out to be durable and that can serve the purpose of reliable guard dogs, opt for our gifted German Shepherds. They have impeccable mobility and an intense personality owing to their robust body set-up. 

Their healthy body keeps them from falling sick and feeble when confronting weaknesses. Also, when in a dangerous situation, a German Shepherd never refrains from putting its life in danger for you. A puppy from our sturdy males can give you a dependable and protective dog. 

  • Superior Pedigree

Before you finalize the mating partner for your dog, it is necessary that you seek complete information regarding their ancestry. A dog belonging to an authentic kind of German shepherds is more likely to produce desirable results than a dog belonging to mixed breeds. When paying a visit to our store, you can also meet and greet the parents of the stud dogs. This proves to be extremely reassuring of the quality of the breeding dog. So, you can rely on our renowned store for reliable and productive stud services during the heat cycle of your dog. 

Our store welcomes every type of female dog. However, we ensure that the female dogs that our dogs mate with are certified in all terms. After a proper health evaluation, we begin the breeding process. We promise to keep it as convenient as possible for you and your dog. Our ecstatic dogs and their appealing demeanor will surely not let you down. For further inquiries, contact us on (949/463-8821)


Why Choose Us For German Shepherd Stud Services?

The breeder for stud services should be chosen wisely. From authenticity to proper care, several significant factors are determined by the breeder you opt for the stud-services. We are one of the most reputable breeders of pure German Shepherds in the United States. Known for our well-managed, friendly services, we ensure that you are provided with the worth of money you spend on the service. Here are certain aspects that make us the primary choice for people having female dogs with mating requirements.


  • Certified Dogs

Every dog at our store holds a certification from some of the most renowned breeding clubs. After thorough research, we are committed to providing you with the purest kind, with the most exquisite properties. Proper and recognized certification is an assurance that your female dog is breeding with one of the premium quality dogs across the country. So, if you are dreaded by doubts regarding the authenticity or the proper health of our dogs, we welcome you to carefully scrutinize our certifications. 

Having a female dog going through a heat cycle? Unaware of how to check that male stud is apt for your female dog? Rely on some of the international certifications that shun out all your doubts and questions. 

  • Regular Health Check-Ups

Our breeding program is exceptionally inclusive. We are a family that works dedicated to ensure that our dogs are free of any health issues. To ensure that we take all curative and proactive actions in-time for our valued German shepherds, we have an expert in-house vet. He conducts proper health evaluations at regular intervals, including screening for heart function, mobility, joint flexibility, thyroid, and more. 

This ensures that we provide a healthy and prosperous dog for stud services. So, when dealing with us, you do not have to be concerned about your dog catching a disease from ours. Our detailed check-ups brush off all such concerns. 

  • Reasonable Pricing

We charge 1500 dollars as our stud fee. Our motive is to provide you and your dog with satisfactory assistance at a competitive rate. Considering the standards we follow while carrying out the German shepherd stud service, we ensure that we do not overcharge. 

We pay proper attention to vital aspects such as health, hygiene, and the convenience of your dog. Moreover, if a session of breeding fails to lead to the fertilization of your female dog, we will provide the same service again without any additional charges.

  • Complete Information

We acknowledge that complete transparency from the breeder’s end can be extremely comforting for the owners of the female dog. So, when you consult our competent members, we do not hesitate to address any concerns that you have. We understand that your dog is no less than family to you. 

Hence, we take care of every aspect that is significant to you. From the dog’s pedigree to its fertility rate, we do mind answering any questions. Furthermore, you can personally meet the dog for reassurance purposes before you finalize it for the mating requirements. 

  • Vast Variety

Our family comprises experts in the field of breeding. They are aware that it is crucial to mate a female dog with a male-stud that complements her properties. If the female has an aggressive temperament, we make it a point to ensure that she is paired with a dog with a friendly and outgoing personality. 

Hence, our primary focus remains on making the process of German Shepherd stud service as beneficial for you, your dogs, and prospective puppies as possible. We have incredible diversity amongst our German Shepherds. Whether you want a medium-sized dog or a male-stud with a tan coat, our assortment will not disappoint you.   

  • A Comprehensive Breeding Contract

A properly laid-out breeding contract is indispensable when it comes to stud-services. Our detailed contract includes a meticulous agreement between our store and the dog owner. This precise document also makes clear our expectations from your female dogs. Including every aspect ranging from the required certifications to several recommendations, our contract promises to be utterly straightforward. 

This prevents any vagueness or obscurity in the future. Thus, we emphasize making the process incredibly seamless. We also commit to our duties and responsibilities in this agreement, which can be substantially supportive of the female dog owner. So, if you are on a hunt for a breeder with clear and accessible terms and conditions, check out our German shepherd stud service contract online. 

We, at Von Wa-Bo, will be delighted to serve you and your dog. If you are in love with German shepherds, you will not be disappointed at our store. Pay us a visit to check our confident and steadfast male-studs that are capable of providing you and your female dogs with adorable-cum-smart puppies. 

Our stud services have been instituted to be the most convenient for you. From the picking of the litter to traveling to your place, we serve you exceptionally. We visit your premises in order to ensure that the female dog is comfortable and pleased with the service. Flattered by the alluring features of our male-studs, your dog is most likely to cherish the service. So, if your dog is about to reach its heat cycle, consult our team now. We will brace up our male-studs to serve you impeccably. 

Stud service contract

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