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WA-BO News:


New female in Wa-Bo German Shepherd.

Sept 6, 2020

Our new Super new female in Wa-Bo Shepherd.  

Nala du Val d'Anzin 

F: Willy vom Kuckucksland

M: Lady du Val d'Anzin

A Litter is here. Paired by the best in the USA.


Finally the litter we have been waiting.  

USA VA2 Fire vom Finkenschlag X USA VA1 Daisy von Wa-Bo.

6 Males and 1 Female Available.


T Litter: 6 Males and 1 Female. Sire : VA Team Leiksaid Kapitan.  Dam: V Bessy degli Achei

Great news from the German Sieger Show!

Sept 5, 2016

Cobra's daughter Tosca U'lmental was crowned VA at the German Sieger Show. Huge congrates to the Team Ulmental for the excellent achievement.  Cobra had once again proved to be one of the best producer.

Puppies available.

Aug 2, 2016

P Litter: 6 Males and 1 Female

Sire : VA1 Cobra d'Ulmental

Dam : V Bessy degli Achei

Another year with excellent result from USCA Sieger Show, 2016

May 1, 2016

VA3,  Team Leiksaid Kapitan

V1,    Daisy von Wa-Bo

SG4, Naomi vom Bastaw

SG4, Ghandi von Wa-Bo

VP1, Kenzo von Wa-Bo

VP5, Lexi von Wa-Bo

Dux von Wa-Bo is now IPO3, Our beautiful Cobra son :-)

June 19, 2016

After months of hard training,  Dux is now IPO1.  Thanks to our excellent trainer Nicole Meyer and Klaus Meyer.

New Addition of Team Wa-Bo, Beautiful Kapitan daughter

March 28, 2016

It is official this beautiful Kapitan daughter is part of Team Wa-Bo today.   Monza vom Haus Neoplantum, HD Fast Normal, ED Normal.

New Addition of Team Wa-Bo

Jan 18, 2016

We are very please to have a opportunity to acquired this beautiful female,

Mary degli Achei

Mary Degli Achei is V5 in Italian Sieger Show.  She is also the littermate of the German VA Monica Degli Achei.

Daisy von Wa-Bo is now IPO3

Dec 20, 2015

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Daisy is now in Germany

July 01, 2015

Daisy is now in Germany pursuing her show career.  She will be finishing her training title in Germany.  

Super result from the USCA Sieger Show

May 17, 2015

Excellent result for the Team Wa-Bo

VA1 , Cobra d'Ulmental

VA4, Team Leiksaid Kapitan

VA3, Kizzy v.d. Tempelhoeve

SG2, Dux von Wa-Bo

SG3 Dexter von Wa-Bo

SG2 Daisy von Wa-Bo

VP1 Ghandi von Wa-Bo

USA Sieger show, Best Protection award winner/ Team Leiksaid Kapitan

May 15, 2015

Our handsom boy Kapo got the best protection award at the USA Sieger Show. He is the only show dog at the show got the best bite work award with the score of 5-5.

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